Off-season training is the most vital aspect of a young hockey player’s development and CEM’s training program is specifically designed to provide each player with the “cutting edge” needed to ensure that he arrives at his team’s training camp stronger, better, faster, and smarter than the year before.

Every off-season is another chance for a young hockey player to transform their physique, enhance their physical abilities, and improve their hockey endurance. Each summer, CEM holds one of the most impressive off-season training programs that exist for young hockey players – period. In addition to intensive on-ice training that concentrates on every aspect of each player’s hockey skills development, CEM offers an off-ice training program that belittles the competition. With weekly diet plans created by professional dieticians and unprecedented youth hockey conditioning programs, CEM is committed to ensuring that each player receives the absolute best available training services in the industry.

To ensure our players receive the absolute best training services in a positive learning environment, CEM is partnered with Adrenaline Performance Center (APC) – a state-of-the-art training facility, located in Montreal, that provide our players with another “cutting edge” that only a select group of young hockey players have experienced.