CEM is tirelessly committed to the success of its entire roster of young players and we strive to empower each player to develop and reach his full potential as an elite player at the highest level of hockey.

With the most comprehensive and multi-faceted junior hockey development program in the industry, CEM creates a veritable partnership with its young players.


From contract negotiations, to public relations, marketing and media, CEM provides services to propel young talent to reach their career and business potential.


CEM supports its players through a focus on education, family consulting, off-season training, draft preparation, sports psychology and nutrition, medical services and more.


At every level of youth hockey, the recruitment process of players demands an extensive amount of time and effort from both players and parents alike. Learn about the career and academic opportunities available for your child.




At various stages of young hockey player’s career, contracts are presented to players by their respective teams and these contracts require the proper due diligence and execution in order to protect the best interests of the player. CEM secures the best interests of their players and their families by employing experienced attorneys to review, advise, and negotiate each player’s contracts before they are signed. CEM ensures that each contract negotiation process is tailored to the specific needs, goals, and merits of each player and each family.


Unless a young hockey player is absolutely dominant on the ice, their hockey skills and assets need to be promoted in order to attract interest in the eyes of scouts, coaches, general managers, and athletic directors. Through Chad Levitt’s effective, direct and personal marketing strategies, CEM has established trustworthy relationships with the right “hockey people” and will work tirelessly to not only promote each player’s talents to junior and collegiate hockey teams, but will also determine the “right fit” that will optimize each player’s chance to succeed.


Playing hockey at an elite level comes with a considerable amount of risk that can, unfortunately, become a reality. Ensuring that a young player has the proper insurance in place can protect them from any career-threatening injuries that hopefully never occur. CEM works closely with insurance industry experts to assess each player’s particular insurance requirements. CEM will then assist players and their families with the selection of the most insurance packages that offer the coverage at the most competitive rates.


We take the pressure and responsibilities off the hands of players and their families and allow our players to focus on their duty to become stronger, better, faster, and smarter. At CEM you play hockey, we take care of the rest!

  • Education
  • Throughout a young hockey player’s development, the importance of education often takes a back seat on their journey towards a career in professional hockey. At CEM, we will NEVER let that happen! We value the significant role that education plays in the lives of every young hockey player – not only as a safety net for the future, but also to instill the values of discipline, work ethic, and success in the minds of each player.

    For these reasons, CEM offers its players all the educational support and services they require in order to achieve academic success. Whether it is regular tutorial services, preparation for high school and prep school exams, or SAT training for enrollment at American universities, CEM will do everything in its power to ensure that each player achieves both academic and athletic success.

  • Family Consulting
  • The world of youth hockey has evolved into a complex and stressful environment, where the best interest of a young athlete is seldom a priority. At every level of youth hockey, the recruitment process of players demands an extensive amount of time and effort from both players and parents alike. Even if the parents of young hockey players are capable of meeting these strenuous demands, they are often misinformed and uneducated about the various opportunities available for their child.

    A young player’s emotional and behavioural growth plays a crucial role in the outcome of his athletic development. In order to achieve a successful hockey career, each player must fully understand what is expected of him both on and off the ice and what is required of him in order to reach his full potential.

    CEM surrounds each player and his family with a positive support system in order to ensure that each player’s academic performance and social life are consistently aligned with his athletic development and overall well-being.

    Every player and every family have different values and goals to consider when making important decisions for that player’s development and career. That is why CEM presents its players with every available option throughout a young player’s development and helps each family make the best career choice for their child.

    CEM is proud to have established an extensive network of trusting and lasting relationships with coaches, general managers, and athletic directors of all the major junior hockey organizations and some of the most distinguished American prep schools and universities of the NCAA.

    With an undying sense of commitment and dedication, Chad Levitt regularly travels across Quebec and the American Northeast to support his roster of players by personally watching their games, monitoring their progress, and providing feedback from coaches and general managers alike.

    Our family consulting services are unrivaled in the hockey management and consulting industry, which lays the foundation for the rapid growth and success of CEM. At CEM, we provide players and their families with all the necessary tools to succeed in the pursuit of each player’s athletic and academic careers.

  • Academic Scholarships
  • As an extension of our family consulting services, CEM works directly with family members to ensure that they receive proper guidance and sound advice at every step of their son’s athletic and academic career.

    CEM ensures that each contract negotiation process is tailored to the specific needs, goals, and merits of each player and each family.

  • Draft Preparations
  • A young player’s preparation for an NHL or CHL entry draft can be a hectic and stressful period for both families and players alike, whether it is at the junior or professional level. Not only does CEM organize a player’s participation at draft combines and schedule interviews with general managers and amateur scouts, it also dedicates itself to educate its players and their families throughout the entire entry draft process.

    The strong network of relationships that CEM has established with general managers and amateur scouts, at both the junior and professional level, provide players with the “cutting edge” they need to expose their talents and achieve their lifelong goal of playing professional hockey.

  • Off-Season Training
  • Off-season training is the most vital aspect of a young hockey player’s development and CEM’s training program is specifically designed to provide each player with the “cutting edge” needed to ensure that he arrives at his team’s training camp stronger, better, faster, and smarter than the year before.

    Every off-season is another chance for a young hockey player to transform their physique, enhance their physical abilities, and improve their hockey endurance. Each summer, CEM holds one of the most impressive off-season training programs that exist for young hockey players – period. In addition to intensive on-ice training that concentrates on every aspect of each player’s hockey skills development, CEM offers an off-ice training program that belittles the competition. With weekly diet plans created by professional dieticians and unprecedented youth hockey conditioning programs, CEM is committed to ensuring that each player receives the absolute best available training services in the industry.

    To ensure our players receive the absolute best training services in a positive learning environment, CEM is partnered with Adrenaline Performance Center (APC) – a state-of-the-art training facility, located in Montreal, that provide our players with another “cutting edge” that only a select group of young hockey players have experienced.

  • Sports Psychology & Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology

    There is no better way to of measuring a young hockey player’s development and success than by their level of physical AND mental fitness. Talent can only get a player so far in the world of hockey, but it’s one’s attitude and work ethic that will determine whether or not one has what it takes to become a professional hockey player. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the emotional stresses and pressure of a young hockey player’s development, and of adolescent life itself, can be a difficult mountain to climb. With the help of our experienced sports psychologist, CEM offers “cutting edge” professional support services that integrate each player’s emotional development into their overall athletic development.

    Sports Nutrition

    It goes without saying that eating a well balanced and healthy diet is essential aspect of any athlete’s development. But how can nutrition have such a direct impact on a young player’s athletic development? With the professional assistance of dieticians and sports nutritionists, CEM designs customized meal plans that promote faster muscular development and that provide players with the energy they need to give their best performance every time they set foot on the ice!

  • Medical Services
  • CEM is fully aware of how important it is to provide players and their families with access to premium medical services in the event of an injury or illness. Should it be for a simple routine checkup or for receiving the best existing treatments for a specific injury or illness, CEM will ensure that our players and their families get the proper medical attention and care that they need, when they need it.